DINOPOL Sp. z o.o.

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About the Company

DINOPOL Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of packaging made from paper pulp intended for poultry, medical, technical and other industries.

Packaging offered by our company provides perfect protection to commodities, and it can also be used as an ideal and effective means of advertisement. Specially designed labels and inscriptions enable our customers to present their products in an effective manner.

Our modern logistics centre enables us to execute large and specific orders, and the GPS Navigation System helps us to track down precise location and to determine exact time of deliveries.

The company keeps on improving the quality and production process of paper pulp packaging.

We are constantly looking for potential markets. We are working on means to increase the sales of our products, and we are doing research, analysing in detail any prospects and risks on various markets.

Trust our experience and join the best.

President of the Management Board
Idzi Nowicki

Our story

Our company was established in 1993 by Danuta and Idzi Nowicki, and initially it was named Dinopol Production Services and Trading Company. At the beginning, the main scope of our activity was connected with trading grocery products. The experience we gained at the beginning of our business activity became a driving force to start a new investment in the year 2006, which has been the production of paper pulp packaging products.

The year 2008 marks a new chapter in the history of the Company. In that very year, the Company transformed into a limited liability company. Currently, DINOPOL Sp. z o.o. continues traditions and values of the Company from the time it started its activity.

The Company does not fear taking up new challenges thanks to which it has achieved the status of a manufacturer ready to rake risks connected with production based on modern technology and original designer ideas. DINIPOL Sp. z o.o. continues to improve the quality and production processes of paper pulp packaging thanks to which, on the Polish market, the Company has become a synonym of good cooperation between a packaging producer and its user. The Company continues to develop the business and to expand its activity within the sales of packaging products intended for food and other industries.


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Production and development

Since 2006, DINOPOL Sp. z o.o. has developed its own and unique method of designing and producing packaging.

Over the years, the Company has purchased:

  • Modern technological lines for the production of paper pulp packaging
  • Equipment for the production of metal moulds and components
  • Solidworks specialist software
With the use of the Solidworks software we are capable of transforming any idea of our customer into a real product.

DINOPOL’s priority is to be associated with top quality, ecologically friendly products, and high level of Customer service. Our care for the natural environment is reflected in all spheres of our activity as well as in the level of awareness of such issues among our employees.

Aim and strategy

The fundamental aim of DINOPOL Sp. z o.o. is catering to the needs and demands of Customers, especially by offering top quality and safe products. The Company’s strategy provides for constant strengthening of our position on the domestic and foreign markets. The Board is especially focused on meeting the demands and expectations of the changing market. We are keen of developing and perfecting our activities.