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Transport services

DINOPOL would like to encourage you to use our transport and forwarding services. We possess SCANIA and DAF vehicles that meet Euro-5 eco-standards:

  • Truck-tractors with semi-trailers with the cubic capacity of 94 m3 and load capacity 24 tons
  • A truck-tractor with a cooling semi-trailer (equipped with Carrier Maxima 1300 refrigerating unit, ensuring the temperature of up to -25 °C, offering the possibility of temperature printout while transporting the products)
  • Units with the cubic capacity of 116 m3 and load capacity of 24 tons

The goods transported are covered with an insurance policy (insurance against third party liability of the carrier – OCP) in the amount of 200 000 Euro. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS making it possible to determine location of the cargo transported accurately. We also offer warehousing and order picking services.

Thanks to our reliable and specialized staff we can deliver your products to any European location in an efficient and timely fashion. The products from our warehouse are delivered within 24 hours in the territory of Poland.


Licencja na wykonywanie międzynarodowego zarobkowego przewozu drogowego rzeczy.

Licence for international commercial carriage of goods by road.



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