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Our History

The Company started its activity in 1993, following the initiative of its owners, Danuta Nowicka and Idzi Nowicki, under the name of Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowo Handlowe Dinopol. Initially, the company dealt in selling food products. The experience acquired at that initial stage became a catalyst for a new investment in 2006, namely the production of paper pulp packaging.

Year 2008 means opening of a new chapter in the Company history, namely the foundation of a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.). At present, DINOPOL Sp. z o.o. continues traditions and values from the earliest days of its market presence.

The Company is not afraid to face new challenges thanks to which it has acquired a status of a manufacturer ready to face the risk related to production based on cutting-edge technologies and proprietary designer’s ideas. DINOPOL Sp. z o.o. has constantly been improving quality and production processes of paper pulp packaging thanks to which it has become a synonym of good cooperation between the packaging manufacturer and packaging user on the Polish market. The company has constantly been developing with respect to the sales of packaging for food and industrial sector.

Eco-friendly products


100% Recycling
100% Biodegradable



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